Hangover Bowl Recap

January 1st, 2016 - The Richmond Rugby Football Club spent New Years Day 2016 putting on a feast for local ruggers young and old at another successful hangover bowl! King George Park and the RRFC clubhouse was transformed into a smorgasbord of treats for players past and present.

Kicking off the day was the first half of the annual over-30/under-30 touch rugby game which was refereed by no one and enjoyed by everyone! After a rousing back and forth first half, a break for refreshments was called, and the true hangover bowl began! Beverages, food as far as the eye could see, as well as a chance to regale the gathered with tales of yore.

Kudos to Senior Men's Forwards coach Dave Bancroft (pictured to the right with Past President Dane Young) who deep fried an entire turkey for the gathered spectators and participants! Heidi Woods, Jeff Stewart, Amber Toroyla-Morrison and Michelle Adams (editor's note: I was not there - apologies if I forgot you!) also lent a hand with creating various culinary master-pieces throughout the day. A large thank you to sponsor Russell Brewing and Doug Embury for the hospitality and in keeping everyone hydrated throughout the day's events.

After the game was completed (the Over-30s won again...a dynasty in the making!) some of the club members were off to a local watering hole to continue the day's events, while others retired home to spend time with their friends, families and loved ones. Regardless of their next step in the night all in attendance agreed it had been the best hangover bowl in recent memory!

To a good 2015 and a better 2016! Onwards and upwards! The RRFC!

Senior Mens Rugby

Days: Tuesday & Thursday (Rain Or Shine)

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: King George Park (Field 2) at 12360 Cambie Rd, Richmond

Contact: Kevin Nielsen (Head Coach - 604.240.6877)

Junior Boys Rugby

Days: Wednesday & Friday

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: South Arm Park (Field 3) at 8880 Williams Rd, Richmond

Contact: Al Smith (Head Coach - 604.928.4037)